Michael inspires every day with his remarkable journey and uplifting outlook. When you book Michael, you and your audience will be touched and moved by his story. You’ll leave with new motivation and a fresh perspective from stimulating takeaways, relatable messages, and captivating stories.

His message applies to a wide range of audiences—topics can be customized


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Michael captivates with his life's adventures as he delivers a powerful message of believing in yourself, finding the strength to face unforeseen challenges, motivate, and building team relationships. He empathizes with the corporate environment he knows well and will mobilize employees at keynotes, business meetings, corporate events or industry conferences.

Attitude and Effort: Control What You Control
Having a “Be Elite!” Mindset
Sweating the Small Stuff: Attention to Detail
Trust and Accountability
Having a Marine Mindset: Improvise. Adapt. Overcome


Students will find that Michael’s cautionary tale and inspirational journey is one that stays with them long after he’s left campus. Ditching the trap of finger-wagging lectures, Michael opts for the casual, no-BS approach for this group. Hearing how he discovered a passion for history, managed a love-hate relationship playing two sports, and joined a fraternity that fell to scandal before he was then paralyzed, will leave students captivated, informed, and wanting more. And Michael delivers.

Having a Defined Direction: Setting Goals
Responding to the unexpected
Harnessing the “Power of Perseverance”
Regret Nothing.


Before his accident, Michael’s greatest challenge growing up was in the classroom. Like many kids, Michael struggled to balance his teenage life, regularly falling victim to what he calls "The Student’s 4 Pillars of Stress: Academics, Athletics, Family, and Friends". But Michael turned things around in college and then in graduate school where he passionately studied History. This journey has made him a positive example and role model for students of all ages and caliber.

“Little Victories”: What are they and why they matter when adversity strikes
Staying Motivated: How to Find your Drive, and Use it
Face it, Fight it: Why we must Charge the Challenge


A life-long athlete, Michael loves motivating a team. He's the youngest of three and is as competitive as they come. From his tenacity in tee-ball to his current Paralympic pursuit, Michael’s approach to athletics amidst daily hardships sets a strong example for the sports-crazed athletes of any age. His story brims with life lessons and mottos to live by, and his knack for personally pumping up a locker room face-to-face, athlete-to-athlete, is one you don't want to miss.

“Championship Moments”: What are they and why they matter
Team, Trust, Trial, Triumph: The Sports Team’s Recipe for Success
“Get the ball first, make the play second”


Michael hails from a Christian background, but it was his accident and 5-week hospital stay that truly brought out his Faith. On his arm is a Bible verse of deep meaning, and peculiar origin, that Michael quickly embraced. A reminder to hope in the Lord... This part of his story is powerfully fit for any audience, but it’s the religious organizations, Christian clubs, and worship groups in particular that find this especially captivating.

Overcoming Adversity
How to “Conquer Your Everest”
Pursue Passions
“Why not me?”: Self-belief and setting the bar high



+ How long do your talks usually last?

That depends - Michael can customize talks to accomadate time frame. Typically, an estimated 45 minutes is requested which includes introducation, talk, and Q&A.

+ Do you always end with a Q&A?

Yes. It’s when the audience and Michael can get to know each other on a deeper level one-on-one. Ask away!

+ How much do you charge?

Please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with a full all-inclusive quote.

+ How far do you travel to speak?

I’ve spoken at conferences, schools and retreats across the US and Abroad. If you can take a car, plane, wheelchair or rocket ship to get there, Michael can be there. Schedule permitting.

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